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High quality horse grooming brushes

Welcome to the official website of the company William Leistner GmbH & Co. KG.
The company Leistner is a manufacturer of William Leistner horse grooming brushes for equine care. Brushes for horses are produced in unique large variety of the best materials for many decades. The appearance and color of wood, bristles and straps are exactly matched.

NEW:    Premium dog brushes

The company William Leistner has been well-known for many decades as a manufacturer of brushes with the best materials for horse care. Now she has used this long experience and has produced a range of high quality brushes for dogs. Through the exclusive use of natural materials such as 100% pig bristles or 100% horsehair, the fur is groomed and a wonderful shine is created. Detangle brushes with rounded and polished pins of beech wood are available to prevent pilling or unraveling.

Our high quality standard demands

Thanks to our 137 years of experience and craftsmanship in making brushes, we produce high quality and durable products.

But we also know:

The quality of a product is only as good as it‘s used materials.
Therefore we only use carefully processed wood from European forests which is sustainably managed. All grooming brushes are made from natural wood. They are PEFC or FSC®-certified. We use wooden backs from beech, cherry or walnut wood.

For our high quality horse brushes we use 100 % horse hair from the tail, 100 % pig bristles or 100 % wild boar bristles. The bristles are specially processed long and tight. This guarantees the best cleaning effect with gently, kind to the skin care and a massage effect such as a high durability of our brushes.

All high quality grooming brushes in size "b" are dome shaped (to the middle of the brush longer bristles) to provide close contact to the coat.

We guarantee that you always get consistent best quality. Therefore the company Leistner equips all with 100 % horsehair or 100 % bristles reported body brushes with excactly 100 % horsehair or 100 % pig bristles. Unfortunately competitors name their brushes also horse hair grooming brushes but they often consist of 10 % till 30 % horse hair of the mane or even worse: they consist of cow hair. And the quality of horse hair differs in their quality. We only use best quality from the tail not from the mane. This explains the price difference.

Many of our other brushes are equipped with 100 % natural fibres "Union" or "Fibre" because the have advantages instead of synthetic bristles.

Uniquely big variety

Unique variety

We have more than 170 different brushes from our own production on stock to meet all the needs of horse lovers.

In order to make your selection easier, we have indicated the bristle hardness on each article on our homepage or in the webshop, so that it is easy to see for which purpose the respective brush is suitable:

bristle hardness:

1. tight and extra tight - to remove coarse dirt
2. medium-soft to medium-tight - for dust removal and massage
3. extra-soft - for finnishing, for high gloss

You can easily search or filter for terms such as "taut" or "soft" (just click on "Search" in the top menu bar to get to the search page - on smartphone first open menu) and select a basic configuration for maintenance. For example, look for brushes for hoof care, enter the search term "hoof" or filter the category "for the hoof" and you will see all the offered brushes.

Advantages of Leistner Brushes

Cleaning equipment for horses

Why is regular brushing with good brushes so important?

Daily grooming of your horse isn’t only an annoying work to clean the coat, but it intensifies the bond between horse and rider. The horses feel it as a pleasant massage and man can escape from his everyday stress rather quickly. Moreover the rider can notice changes of the coat/skin or signs of illness which can be treated immediately.

When it comes to horse care, skin is often neglected as the horse's largest organ. The skin is like a protective coat and fulfills several important tasks. It serves for mechanical protection, regulates the water balance and the body temperature and is involved in sensory perception.

Fungi and pathogens can settle on the skin only if their natural acid mantle is permanently disturbed. The daily care of the horse should be done wisely. Careful removal of sweat and dirt is especially important in horses that have no opportunity to roll after riding. The incorrect use of hard curry combs or brushes can irritate the protective coat of the horse's skin and thus lead to eczema or allergies.

This can be prevented by using horse grooming brushes with natural materials. Unfortunately, today relatively expensive plastic "brushes" are offered from a single source throughout the trade, which with seasonal colors en masse find their young customers and does not think about what happens when you regularly brush with sharp plastic "bristles" on the Horse skin goes. It is of course handy if you can wash these "brushes" in the washing machine. But would these shoppers also scrub over their own heads every day?

Special belts

All high quality horse grooming brushes can be equipped withspecial belts:

Exclusively produced by Leistner

Do you search for something special or do you groom more than one horse every day? Then the brush »Feeling« The Original!, our ergonomic horse grooming brush, will facilitate the grooming essential.
The »Feeling« horse grooming brush The Original! is anatomically formed, comprising a beech wood back and a soft leather hand strap (can be adjusted in length). This allows the hand and brush to become one, allowing you to groom your horse without your hands and arms becoming tired. The brush takes the chore out of grooming, allowing you more time to enjoy your horse. Made from pure horsehair with a double high pure bristle edge, which removes the last remants of dust and gives the coat a beautiful shine. Registered wooden body design. With Quality pass.

Horse grooming brushes with motif brand breed as logo, belt and bristles:

Horse grooming brushes with logo print and embossed name on the belt:

»Two-Way-Kardätschen Power and Esprit«
The angular bristle position allows a variable handling and ensures a maximum cleaning effect. One way it is used for deep grooming - the other way for a polishing finish! Ideal during shedding season.

Horse grooming brush »Ultimate«
The ultimate shine:
Two rows of horsehair remove the dirt down to the skin and goat hair removes the last dust in one operation. The result: long-lasting shine of the coat. Convenient in daily use, also ideal for the tournament.

Wonderbrushes® and wonderbrooms (protected by law)
Miracle Cleaning! Best cleaning effect by curved tight special bristles (EU patent)
Wonderbrushes clean and remove:

Wonderbroom - Best sweep effect by curved tight special bristles (EU patent)
Wonderbrooms clean and remove:

The »Filzi« series with comfortable felt belts.

We also offer brushes for dogs and small animals. an.


As a producer of brushes and body brushes, we use a variety of materials:

All straps are nailed by hand and can also be shortened in length.