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Horse grooming brushes - a (8.58" x 4.33") (218 x 110 mm)

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horse grooming brush Feeling big size

»Feeling« Ergonomic Horse Brush

The anatomically formed woodback made of walnut and a full-cowhide leather belt fastener mean the hand and brush become one. This allows you to work without becoming tired and makes caring for your horse a pleasure for both horse and rider.
The length of the belt is customizable as it is attached with brass screws.

100 % horsehair and the double high edge of 100 % bristles remove the last dust and give a beautiful shine.
The shape of the wooden body is protected by law.
Suitable for a large lady- or male hand.
Also available in size b.

8.58" x 4.33"

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horse grooming brush Charmeur

»Charmeur« Horse grooming brush with grey high quality horse hair mixture, double edge of 100 % horse hair.
8.58" x 4.33" (218 x 110 mm)

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horse grooming brush Gigolo

»Gigolo« Valuable grooming brush of 100 % horsehair (0.91" long) and the lifted double edge of 100 % pig bristles (1.02" long) remove even the last reminders of dirt, brown grained beechwood
8.58" x 4.33" (218 x 110 mm)