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Horse brush sets


1 s 20

grooming brush set

leisure rider grooming brush set

Brush set for leisure riders

Advantages of the high-quality brushes:

  • 100% horsehair from the horse's tail or 100% natural fibers
  • best cleaning effects with gentle, skin-friendly care and massage effect
  • Longevity of these brushes (10-20 years)
  • no electrostatic charge
  • entire set in pure nature quality
  • Comfortable in the hand thanks to the beech wood back, even at low temperatures

leisure rider »grooming brush set« includes the following items :

coarse grooming brush »Mucky Pup« article number 3 c 62

  • for loosening stubborn dirt through tight 100% natural fibers Union
  • The edge made of the soft natural fibers also takes finer dirt from the fur with it. size c: 190 x 85 mm (7.48" x 3.35")

horse grooming brush »Satchmo« article number 1 c 61

  • 100 % horsehair
  • The densely processed horsehair in best quality from the horse tail also removes the very last dust grain and thus produces a wonderful shine in the coat. size c: 190 x 85 mm (7.48" x 3.35")

horse head brush article number 1 f 93

  • 100% goat hair is ideal for cuddling and for that extra portion of shine.

flick brush »Dusty« article number 4 h 97

  • 100% natural fiber with a length of 65 mm for an extra thorough yet gentle cleaning
  • Also for quick cleaning in between. size h: 200 x 59 mm (7.87" x 2.32")

»Detangler« high quality mane and tail brush article number 4 s 86

  • The smoothly polished beech wood pins glide gently through the mane and tail hairs without tearing them out. size 220 x 60 mm (8.66" x 2.36")
  • A must for the care of sensitive mane and tail hair!