horse grooming brushes - review Leistner PFERD + SPORT 10-2020


For many decades, Leistner has stood for quality and functionality. The models “Feeling”, Grand Gilbert and the Two-Way grooming brush “Power” were tested. Likewise the grooming brush "Queen", the coarse grroming brush "Mucky Pup", the horse hair and goat hair grooming brush "Ultimate" and the mane, tail and fur brush "Allrounder".


review of Caya Andresen and Malina Blunck:

All brushes tested impress with their high quality, appearance and wonderful handling. The “Feeling” brush nestles nicely on the palm of the hand thanks to its ergonomic shape and enables a good cleaning feeling with an elegant design. Medium-soft, it is also perfect for the horse's head. 100 percent
made of horsehair and pig bristles, it provides the finishing touch and a shiny finish. We like to use the Two-Way grooming brush “Power” to remove coarser dirt - just like the “Mucky Pup” brush. 100 percent horsehair and 2 brass wire rows enable maximum cleaning of the fur. As the term "Two-Way" suggests, you can brush against stubborn dirt in the opposite direction to the fur. The “Grand Gilbert” model is ideal for removing even the last dust from the fur. The brush impresses with its good size and the light horse head motif inside the bristle field. The “Ultimate” grooming brush made of goat hair with a horsehair border ensures the perfect shine. There really isn't a speck of dust left here. Lastly, the brush “Allrounder” lives up to its name: combing long hair and brushing dust off the face, both are perfectly possible here. We are particularly impressed by the high level of functionality combined with the high quality standard of the Leistner brushes. Our everyday care routine can no longer be imagined without Leistner products. Thanks to the high-quality real hair bristles and the good workmanship, after several weeks of testing, all of the bristles are in place and no signs of wear and tear.

Here is the illustration of our "Feeling" enlarged. Our ergonomic body is the original. Here you can read the difference to the imitations:
Link Feeling



With our »Detangler« no mane and tail hair are pulled out!
Link Detangler


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