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Dogs and pets
mane and tail brushes, dandy brushes, flick brushe - dandy brushes and flick brushes

4 g 89

massage brush, lacquered beechwood,
beechwood knobs stimulate blood circulation,
for a better health
4.92" x 3.07" (125 x 78 mm)

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mane and tail brushes, dandy brushes, flick brushe - mane and tail brushes

4 s 85

»Allrounder« high-quality mane and tail brush

  • double-sided 100 % horsehair / wooden knobs , bristle hardness: medium-soft
  • size 8.66 x 2.36 inch

A true »Allrounder«: this brush is indispensable for the head, mane and tail. The horsehair in the best quality gently cleans the horse`s head and mane and tail. The use of natural material ensures an incomparable shine in hair and coat.

The smoothly polished beech wood knobs glide gently through mane and tail hairs without tearing them out. Therefore, this »Allrounder« is suitable for both the tournament and sport horses as well as leisure horses.

Each mane and tail hair takes many years to regrow, so combing the use of a good brush is particularly important, as well as a repeated careful combing per week from the hair tip towards the hairline. For heavily matted manes or tails, prior spraying with a high-quality mane spray is recommended.

The horsehair has a length of 0.94 inch.

The production of lacquered PEFC-certified beech wood also promises an antibacterial effect and a pleasant feeling in the hand, even in very cool temperatures.

The high quality leather strap is nailed by hand and can be shortened in length.

An absolutely high- and durable quality is the trademark of our products.

Made in Germany

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