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Hoof brush with a handle

  -   For the hoof

»Hoof brush with a handle«

  • 100 % natural fibres (Mexican fibres), 100 % natural fibres Union
  • bristle hardness: extra-taut (Union), medium-taut (Mexican fibres)
  • size: 7.87 x 2.56 inches
  • indestructible quality

Coarser dirt is loosened with the firmer Union bristles and finer dirt with the softer fiber side. The hoof jet is pleasantly stimulated and supplied with blood.

With the long and handy handle of the hoof brush made of environmentally friendly water-lacquered beech wood from the Thuringian Forest and the Steigerwald you can comfortably scrub the horse`s hooves. Cold and dirty hands or wet and cold hands in winter are concerns of the past. You can also leave the gloves on when cleaning.

The use of natural materials protects the skin and fur and does not generate any electrostatic charge.

An absolutely high-quality and durable quality is the trademark of our products.

Made in Germany