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New products 2007

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Horse grooming brushes   -   a (8.58" x 4.33") (218 x 110 mm)

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Horse grooming brush »Charmeur«

  • high quality horse hair mixture, edge 100 % horsehair, bristle hardness: medium-soft
  • size a: 8.58 x 4.33 inches

The brush »Charmeur« combines an excellent cleaning result with a pleasant massage experience for the horse.

The gray-mottled high quality horse hair mixture in the brush »Charmeur« is a cheaper alternative and, in combination with a double edge made of horsehair of the highest quality, results in a very good cleaning result and ensures a beautiful shine on the coat.

The use of natural materials, the fur is also perfectly maintained, as these guarantee a moisturizing effect and do not generate electrostatic charge.

The bristle length in the middle is 0.86 inch.

The brush »Charmeur« has the perfect size for a large ladies` or gentleman`s hand. The production of lacquered PEFC-certified beech wood also promises an antibacterial effect and a pleasant feeling in the hand, even in very cool temperatures.

The high quality leather strap is nailed by hand and can be shortened in length.

An absolutely high quality and durable quality is the trademark of our products.

Made in Germany

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Horse grooming brushes   -   c (7.48" x 3.35") (190 x 85 mm)

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»Ruby« Horse grooming brush with grey grained high quality horse hair mixture, double edge of 100 % horsehair
7.48" x 3.35" (190 x 85 mm)

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  -   For the hoof

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Hoof oil brush in a box
Round brush, natural wood, 100 % horsehair. In a durable plastic box-No soiling of the cleaning utensils. 190 x 65 mm

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Hits for kids   -   maxi d (7.09" x 3.15") (180 x 80 mm)

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»Lucky« grooming brush with a tight high-quality horse hair mixture, with motif horsehead, coloured lacquered beechwood, matching coloured leather belt
7.09" x 3.15" (180 x 80 mm)

orange, green, black, red, blue, pink and purple


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With this high-quality sales racks, you and your customers have it easier!

The display stand is fully assembled delivered to you, you just need to place the horse grooming brushes.
The customer has almost all the brushes of the horse care supply range clearly in mind.
The high quality brushes stand out from the cheap ones.

The selection of the brushes is a proposal. Individual needs can be taken into account.

The 3 dice of the stand are 45 x 45 x 45 cm tall, the base has a floor area of 60 x 60 cm and is 30 cm high. The product carriers are each 20 cm long and have rubber caps.

The imitation maple furniture panels are 19 mm thick and they are very stable. For easy assembly you will receive corresponding photos and sketches.

The price is available on request, as we sell the sales rack only equipped (with brushes).

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  -   coarse grooming and mud brushes and wash brushes

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»Cowboy« Extra tough coarse scrubbing brush for the toughest dirt. 100 % natural fibres union, 1.77 inches long, natural beechwood, indispensable at grazing
8.43" x 3.78" (214 x 96 mm)