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Horse grooming brushes   -   c (7.48" x 3.35") (190 x 85 mm)

Horse grooming brush »Satchmo«

  • 100 % horsehair
  • bristle hardness: medium-soft
  • size c: 7.48 x 3.35 inches

The horse grooming brush »Satchmo« combines an excellent cleaning result with a pleasant massage experience for the horse and is indispensable for daily grooming.

The densely processed horsehair in best quality from the horse tail also removes the very last dust grain and thus produces a wonderful shine in the coat.

Due to the use of natural materials, the horse`s coat is also perfectly maintained, as these guarantee a moisturizing effect and do not generate electrostatic charge.

The horsehair has a length of 0.86 inch.

The brush »Satchmo« has the perfect size for a narrower to average sized ladies` hand. The production from black lacquered PEFC-certified beech wood also promises an antibacterial effect and a pleasant feeling in the hand, even in very cool temperatures.

The high quality leather strap is nailed by hand and can be shortened in length.

An absolutely high-quality and durable quality is the trademark of our products.

Made in Germany

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Wunderbürste® / Wonderbrush Original

  -   Wonderbrushes and Wonderbrooms

»Wunderbürste® / Wonderbrush Original«

The successful help in the fight against animal hair!

By brushing in the direction of the arrow the soft special synthetic bristles (EU patent) remove fast, without effort and thoroughly animal hair and dirt from

  • blankets and baskets for dogs and cats
  • clothing, in particular fleece jackets and pilling on wool
  • upholstered furniture and carpets (the vacuum cleaner is powerless to remove animal hair)
  • coat of certain dog and cat breeds
  • car seats and flooring in the trunk of cars
  • horse rug and caparison

In contrast to the lint roller, the »Wunderbürste®« Original / Wonderbrush also cleans difficult areas such as corners or seams and folds.

You will find many other applications.

The brushes lie very well in the hand. The body of environmentally friendly water-lacquered beech wood feels extremely pleasant. Size 5.91 x 1.77 inches, suitable for on the go

Durable product

Delivery in a folding box with instruction leaflet in 8 languages


The Wonderbrush should be regularly cleaned with a hair or styling comb or a hairbrush with longer pins.
In stubborn cases, you can remove the matting of animal hair with a fork.
The prongs should point upwards.
The brush can be washed with hand warm soapy water at large intervals.
Afterwards, shake vigorously and place on the bristle side to dry, so that the water can drip off. The varnish can peel off at the front. This may happen and is no grounds for complaint.