New Products 2008

Mane, tail, coat   -   dandy brushes

4 h 95 (195)
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NEW: also available in black-pink, black-lilac and black-orange
200 x 58 mm medium size, crimped PPN bristles, 42 mm long, in different colours, lacquered beech wood

  -   For the hoof

5 s 72 (172)
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250 x 65 mm, hoof-washing brush, beech wood waxed, heavy design, stiff PPN bristles in yellow, 45 mm long; no wet and cold hands even in bad weather

NEW: in pink and lilac

  -   Dogs and pets

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Verkaufswand (Verkaufswand)
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With this high-quality sales wall for our horse care supplies you and your customers have it easier!

The dimensions of the sales wall are 140 x 98 x 20 cm.
The product carriers are each 20 cm long.
The imitation maple furniture panels are 19 mm thick and they are very stable.
The illustrated foot is not included, it could be demanded at an extra charge.

  -   Wonderbrushes and Wonderbrooms

6 s 08 (806)
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wonderbrush, 150 x 55 mm

6 s 85 (850/S)
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Wonder-broom with telescopic handle. width of 30 cm

  -   Coarse grooming and washing brushes

3 c 50 (127/Junior/w)
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»Coarse Grooming Brushes«
tight and tough crimped bristles, 1.57 inches long, black lacquered beech wood

3 j 81 (197/mini)
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details will follow